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Annemizi Saklarken – Episode 5:

Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother) – Despite the heavy traumas in her past, Handan, a woman full of life, is a young mother of three, whose biggest dream is to reach a more comfortable life and doesn’t have any thought about giving up. Handan believes that the only way to achieve her dreams is to make the right marriage. The biggest obstacle on this path is the children of the rich husband candidates, who intimidate her. Having given up hope of being a fortune hunter with three children, Handan’s life changes when her path crosses with the couple Dundar and Zerrin Demir…

Title in English: HIDING OUR MOTHER

Genre: Drama, Romance

Actors: Erdem Kaynarca, Hande Dogandemir, Kutsi

Duration: 122 minutes

Quality: HD

Year: 2021

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Annemizi Saklarken Episode 5 Summary:

Handan now has a marriage certificate. This wallet will bind Dundar to him forever and save his life. But for what costs? Derya is in an impossible dilemma when she learns that Handan hasn't told her new husband about them. Bora is no different than a bomb that knows everything and can destroy their lives at any moment. Derya is stuck between Bora and her mother. Who respects a woman who runs away from her children for the sake of a rich husband? Is it possible for Handan, who is addressed as "that woman", to find peace within the Demir family? When Dundar's children find Handan in their late mother's bed, all hell breaks loose. Selin's reaction reaches dangerous levels for both herself and those around her. Benan begins to use little Pelin mercilessly to destroy this marriage. Handan is now alone in a house where everyone is hostile to him. And it is quickly drawn into a trap.

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