Top 10 Turkish Dramas to watch in 2021-2022


So Hello My Dear Friends And Welcome Back to My Another New Article And In This Article I Will Tell You Top 10 Turkish Dramas That One Can Must Need To Watch One Time In The Years Of 2021 And 2022.

So Here Are Those Top 10 Turkish Dramas That You Must Need To Watch 👇👇

1. The Brothers Barbarossa/ Barbaroslar:

This Drama Mainly Features Pelin Akil And Tolga Akkaya And Gülcan Arslan And Many More.

So The Story Of This Barbaroslar Turkish Drama Is The story of 4 sailor brothers who ensure Ottoman supremacy in the Mediterranean; Hayreddin Barbarossa, Oruc Reis, Ishak and Ilyas.

English Meaning Of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz'in Kilici Is  Barbarosians: The Sword of the Mediterranean.

So The Release Date Of Barbaros: Sword of the Mediterranean Is 16 September 2021.

If You Want To Watch Barbaros Episode 1 With English Subtitles Then You Can Watch It In This Website Only.

2. Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu/ Alparslan the Great Seljuk:

So Cast Of Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Is Baris Arduç And Baris Bagci And Korel Cezayirli Etc...

English Meaning Of Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Is Alparslan the Great Seljuk.

Story Of This Turkish Drama Is it depicts the political events and wars during Alp Arslan's rule as a Malik of the Seljuk Empire.

3. Three Kurus/ uc Kurus:

The first trailer of the Üç Kuruş/ Three Kurus series will be broadcast on the promotional show TV screens. After the Çukur ve İçerde series, we shared with you the trailer, the cast, the scenario and other developments about the highly anticipated Üç Kuruş series. Will Çukur Yamaç be in the Aras Bulut İynemli Üç Kuruş series? Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Ekin Koç share the lead roles.

So The Cast Of Uc Kurus Is 

  1. Uraz Kaygilaroglu
  2. Ekin Koc
  3. Hazal Subasi
  4. Aytac Usun
  5. Nursel Kose
  6. Civan Canova
  7. Burak Altay
  8. Aslihan Malbora
  9. Aygun Almünür

And The Release Date Of Uc Kurus Is October 2021.

4. Son Destan/ The Last Epic:

Son Destan Is An Turkish Drama Which Mainly Features Bülent Inal And Sedef Avci And Selçuk Yöntem.

5. Kanunsuz Topraklar/ Lawless Lands:

Kanunsuz Topraklar is An Upcoming Turkish Drama Which Mainly Features Esra Bilgic And Murat Daltaban Also Arif Diren.

So As Of Now We Don't Know The Release Date Of This Lawless Lands Turkish Drama.

6. Ayrilik/ Separation:

Deniz, who learns that the woman he loves will marry his enemy, has two ways; it is either stopping this wedding and deciphering himself against Odalov or allowing the woman he loves to belong to his enemy.

So The Cast Of This Turkish Drama Is Kaan Urgancioglu And Almeda Abazi And Kanbolat Gorkem Arslan Also Sema Aybars.

7. Azize/ Saint:

Azize, which tells a passionate but impossible love story.

Cast Of Azize Is Hande Erçel And Bugra Gülsoy Also Mustafa Yildiran.

8. Yargi/ judgment:

Starring Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu, produced by Ay Yapim, directed by Ali Bilgin, written by Sema Ergenekon, Yargi premieres on Sunday on Kanal D!

The series tell the story of a lawyer and a prosecutor who cross paths due to a murder case. The cast, which includes very talented actors and actresses, came together for the first table reading of the series. Starring Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu, the series also includes Huseyin Avni Danyal, Ugur Polat, Mehmet Yilmaz Ak, Zeyno Eracar, Ali Seckiner Alici, Basak Gumulcinelioglu, Ugur Aslan, Pınar Caglar Gencturk, Onur Ozaydin, Ece Yuksel, Ozlem Cakar, Arda Anarat , Onur Durmaz, Zeynep Atilgan and Beren Nur Karadis.

Yargi premieres on Sunday at 8 pm on Kanal D with its striking story that will destroy the concept of trust in family!

9. Mevlana:

Mevlana Is Also An Upcoming Turkish Drama Which Mainly Features Yusuf Çim And Ahu Türkpençe Also Ilker Aksum.

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