Masumlar Apartmani Episode 7 English Subtitles


Masumlar Apartmani – Episode 7 with english subtitles, enjoy watching👇👇

Masumlar Apartmani Episode 7 english subtitles 👇👇

Masumlar Apartmani – Episode 7:


Genre: Drama, Romance

Actors: Alper Saldiran, Esra Rusan, Metin Coskun

Director: Onur Guvenatam

Duration: 133 minutes

Quality: HD

Year: 2020, 2021

IMDb: 7.9


Masumlar Apartmani – Living with her guardian grandfather and brother, Inci’s life will change with an accident she did. In the accident where Inci is involved, Han and her family full of great secrets await her. The biggest fear of Han’s sisters Safiye and Gulben, whose lives are full of obsessions, is to lose their siblings. Will “Ask” prevent Inci and Han from breaking apart despite everything?

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Masumlar Apartmani episode 7 english subtitles Summary:

Safiye goes crazy when she sees İnci sitting next to her father in the living room of her house. Things get out of hand. Safiye and Gülben try to clean up their "contaminated" house by İnci. Wisdom also gets its share from this situation.

Ege argues with Han, whom he blames for his father's disappearance. This situation causes tension between Han and İnci. When Safiye tries to clean the house from İnci's "dirt", the impossible happens and the waters are cut off. Ege is devastated when he learns the truth about his father's disappearance. Esra learns information from Esat that shows Han's dark side. Inci will be very confused about Han.

Scripted by Dr. Based on Gülseren Budaycıoğlu's book and based on real-life stories, the series depicts the difficulties experienced by a family struggling with psychological problems, the solidarity provided by being a family and its efforts to overcome these difficulties.

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