Askin Tarifi Episode 13 english subtitles (Last Episode)


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Askin Tarifi – Episode 13:

Askin Tarifi Episode 13 english subtitles
Askin Tarifi Episode 13 english subtitles

Serial: Askin Tarifi

Title in English: RECIPE FOR LOVE

Genre: Drama, Romance

Actors: Kadir Dogulu, Serra Ariturk

Director: Mehmet Yigit Alp

Duration: 122 minute

Quality: HD

Year: 2021



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Askin Tarifi Episode 13 Summary:

General Story of the Series: Fırat is a kebab master from Gaziantep. He works with his aunt and friends in their shop in a modest neighborhood of Istanbul. Fırat's warm and beautiful world is destroyed when his fiancee leaves him on his wedding day. Fırat, who can't see anything when he gets angry, almost goes crazy. While questioning why her fiancé did this to her, a name comes up; Taylan Günebakan aka Doctor Aşk. The well-known face of the screens, the indispensable of the daytime generation, the famous life coach Taylan Günebakan is now the arch-enemy of Fırat.

Fırat will not be comfortable without giving this man a lesson in love. The first and shortest way that comes to mind for this is Dr. It would be to spoil the happiness of love. Although he doesn't like to play with a woman's feelings, Dr. Love didn't leave him much of a chance. Fırat, for his plan, Dr. Ask's lover wants to reach Naz as soon as possible. The newly opened French Restaurant of Naz Soyluer, the daughter of one of the well-known families of Istanbul, would be the right address for Fırat. Talented chef Fırat, who has worked in French cuisine in the past, will meet both the world he misses and the beautiful Naz in this restaurant. But reaching Naz is not as easy as he thinks.

Naz Soyluer, who has her own principles, insurmountable rules and a set of prejudices, is an iron lady. Will Fırat be able to break through Naz's walls and reach her? As a danger lover like Fırat approaches Naz, Dr. What will love do? Will Naz, a very smart woman, find out who Fırat really is? Will Fırat's game be revealed at the very beginning?

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