ask mantik intikam episode 11 english subtitles


Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 11 with english subtitles, enjoy watching

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Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 11 With English Subtitles:

Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 11 English Subtitles
Ask Mantik Intikam Episode 11 English Subtitles

Series: Ask Mantik Intikam

Title in English: LOVE LOGIC REVENGE

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Actors: burcu özberk, Mehmet Yilmaz Ak, Sevda Bas, Suleyman Atanisev

Duration2: 112 minutes

Quality: HD

Year: 2021

IMDb: 10

Ask Mantik Intikam – Esra(Burcu Özberk) tries to win back the heart of her now rich ex-husband. When Esra met Ozan, she worked as a waitress to make ends meet. To elevate her living standards, she makes the logical decision to marry Ozan, but she opted for a divorce with the great difficulties faced while in the marriage. After the divorce, Ozan opens a software company and becomes very rich. When Esra learns this fact, she somehow maneuvers her way to a position at Ozan’s company to win back his heart…

This is, ask mantik intikam Episode 11 With english subtitles.

ask mantik intikam 11 in english subtitles Story:

Esra is shocked and disappointed when she learns that Ozan is going to marry Çağla. When she talks to Ozan and tries to understand what's going on, she encounters Ozan's strict attitude. Esra, who gave a new direction to her career with a sudden decision on top of all this, goes out of the city to get away from Ozan, but the events that develop cause Esra to find herself in everything she wants to get away from.

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