Ada Masali Episode 11 English Subtitles


Ada Masali – Episode 11 with english subtitles, enjoy watching

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Ada Masali – Episode 11 With English Subtitles:

Ada Masali Episode 11 english subtitles
Ada Masali Episode 11 english subtitles

Ada Masali – The story of an island, its people, and the beautiful romantic relationships they have… And Here At This Website You Can Watch All the Episodes Of Ada Masali With English Subtitles Online for Free.

Ada Masali (Island Tale) is An Turkish Telivision Drama Which Is Signed By Ay Yapim. Ayca Aysin Turan And Alp Navruz Are The Main Leading Characters In This Drama.

SerialAda Masali

Title in EnglishISLAND TALE

GenreComedy, Romance

ActorsAlp Navruz, Ayca Aysin Turan, Ipek Tenolcay

DirectorAli Bilgin

Duration123 minute




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Ada Masali Episode 11 Full Story:

So here you can read and know What happened in Ada Masali Episode 11 with English Subtitles 👇👇

Batu's plan worked. The punch he ate from Poyraz reached his goal and caused a break between June and Poyraz. However, what Batu does not yet know is that this event has completely different effects on Poyraz. Once the curtain on Poyraz's dark past began to open…

Melisa and Alper's brief rapprochement will get them into trouble they never expected. The lies told to protect Biricik will turn into an inextricable game over time.

Another person who plays a game on lies on the island is İdil. He will begin to see where the lie he told to gain Poyraz's attention can lead.

While trying to find out the reason for the fight between Poyraz and Batu, on the one hand, June tries to ensure that the bridges between her and Poyraz do not collapse. However, Poyraz does not make it easy at all.

Every time Batu gets out of the way and makes moves to show himself innocent, Poyraz gets into an even more difficult situation. However, despite everything, Poyraz and June will try to hold on to love. But now their love is faced with not one but two powerful enemies.

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