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Alev Alev – Episode 15:

Serial: Alev Alev

Title in English: THE BLAZING

Genre: Drama

Actors: Berkay Ates, Cem Bender, Cihangir Ceyhan

Director: Kerem Catay

Duration: 120 minute

Quality: HD

Year: 2020, 2021

IMDb: 9.2


Alev Alev Is An One of the Popular Turkish Drama And This Drama Story Is Cemre tries to get rid of this life with her little daughter while suffering from the psychological and physical violence of her husband, whom she married with love. Every Dream has never encountered the painful truths of life in his wealthy life and lives in his own safe world. Cicek’s only desire is to get married and build a happy home, and he puts it in the center of his life. But, the lives of these three women will change forever with a fire.Ruya,Cemre, and Cicek will find themselves in a very difficult struggle by reaching the zero point of their lives.

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