Ada Masali Episode 4 With English Subtitles


Ada Masali – Episode 4 with english subtitles, enjoy watching

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Ada Masali – Episode 4 With English Subtitles:

Ada Masali Episode 4 with english subtitles
Ada Masali Episode 4 with english subtitles

Ada Masali – The story of an island, its people, and the beautiful romantic relationships they have… And Here At This Website You Can Watch All the Episodes Of Ada Masali With English Subtitles Online for Free.

This is, Ada Masali (Island Tale), Bir Ada Masali.

SerialAda Masali

Title in EnglishISLAND TALE

GenreComedy, Romance

ActorsAlp Navruz, Ayca Aysin Turan, Ipek Tenolcay

DirectorAli Bilgin

Duration123 minute




Episode 4 Summary:

Harizon and Poyraz are very close to each other for the first time. However, İdil's suspicions are about to dissolve everything. Hakan intervenes, unfortunately, this situation upsets June even more. Poyraz has to face the fact that June is not permanent on the island, and June gradually loses her movement due to the situation she is stuck in, and everything that happens is a burden on her heart. As the opening approaches, they will need to find a cook for the hotel. Of course, June and Poyraz cannot agree on this; While June wants flashy and innovative dishes, Poyraz seeks simplicity and taste. Poyraz gets angry that June is trying to solve everything with technology and asks her if she can spend a day without using technology. The two make a sweet bet; If June manages to survive in a deserted bay, Poyraz will tell her her biggest secret. Even if he loses, he will have to tell his secret to June Poyraz. On her return from the bay, June receives an unexpected job offer. Poyraz is very shaken by this offer.

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