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Sen Cal kapimi

So Sen Cal kapimi Is An One Of The Most Popular Turkish Drama In Recent Years And Sen Cal kapimi Mainly Features Hande Ercel As Heroine And Kerem Bursin As Hero Of This Drama.

First Episode Of Sen Cal kapimi Has Been Aired On July 08, 2020 And Sen Cal kapimi Season 1 Episode 39 Final Episode Has Been Released On April 17, 2021 And Then Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Episode 40 Has Been Released On June 9th, 2021.

This Drama Is One Of the Most Popular Turkish Drama in recent Years And Getting Higher Ratings And Viewership.

Sen Cal kapimi Director & Broadcaster:

Sen Cal kapimi Is An Turkish Drama Under The Genre Of comedy-drama-romance And This Drama Broadcast By FOX Türkiye (TR)  And Broadcasts On MF YAPIM.

Sen Cal kapimi Directed By Asena Bulbuloglu And This Drama Mainly Features Hande Ercel , Kerem Bursin, Neslihan Yeldan In Lead Roles.

Sen Cal kapimi Total Episodes:

Sen Cal Season 1 Had A Total Episodes Of 39 And Rumoured That Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Had Still 10 More Episodes Left Which Means Season 2 Had 12 Episodes And Finally Sen Cal kapimi Had 50 Episodes.

Sen Cal kapimi Episode Duration:

So Not Only Sen Cal kapimi Almost All Turkish Dramas Had Episode Duration Of 2 Hours And 10 Minutes.

Summary Of Sen Cal Kapimi:

So Here At in this Turkish series “Sen Cal Kapimi , we will talk about great love between two young people's. Eda Yildiz is an young and charming florist; she dreams of getting a prestigious education Italy. Eda only has to face great financial difficulties and there will come a moment when there is practically no money left to pay for expensive training. Eda is not going to just give up, and she decides to seek help from private foundations. However, she had been striving for her dream for so long, she couldn’t just refuse it. 

This Turkish series you knock on my door / Sen çal Kapimi, Tells You the Great Love story Between Eda and Serkan. Eda Yildiz is an beautiful young woman who works as a florist at her aunty's shop. Eda Yildiz had a brilliant education, but when she was supposed to spend her last year of university in Italy, the scholarship that financed her studies was withdrawn for no Exact reason .

So Just Because Of This, Eda Yildiz found herself without a degree and was unable to complete her university degree.

Sen Cal kapimi Cast and characters:

So Here is The List Of sen cal kapimi actors

Sen Cal kapimi Cast and characters
Sen Cal kapimi Cast and characters

Hande Ercel As Eda Yildiz:

Hande Ercel As Eda Yildiz
Hande Ercel As Eda Yildiz

So In This Drama Hande Ercel Played The Role Of Eda Yildiz Who Is An Heroine Of This Drama And In Sen çal Kapimi, Eda Yildiz looks very beautiful, intelligent and talented young woman.

Eda is an sensitive and generous young woman, she has a passion for flowers. Eda Yildiz has a special sensitivity that influences those around her.

Kerem Bürsin As Serkan bolat:

Kerem Bürsin As Serkan bolat
Kerem Bürsin As Serkan bolat

Kerem Bürsin Has Been Played The Role Of Serkan Bolat In Sen Cal kapimi Turkish Drama And He Is An young And dynamic guy And the hero Of This Drama.

Serkan bolat is an Very hard worker who runs after success. Serkan bolat loves excellence and everything in his life is always planned and thought out. He refuses to lose even in his love life.

Elcin Afacan As Melek Yücel:

Elcin Afacan As Melek Yücel

Elcin Afacan Played The Role Of Childhood Friend Of Eda Yildiz With The On-screen Name Of Melek Yücel And Her Friends Also Called Her As "Melo" .

Melisa Döngel As Ceren Basar:

Melisa Döngel As Ceren Basar

In Sen Cal Kapimi Melisa Döngel Is An University Friend Of Eda Yildiz.

Ceren Basar Is Very Beautiful, bright and intelligent young woman, Ceren Basar is a lawyer Just Like All Of Her Family Works Only In Legal Field.

M. Sitare Akbas As Figen Yildirim:

Sitare Akbas As Figen Yildirim
Sitare Akbas As Figen Yildirim

Figen Yildirim, also Called As Fifi And She Is An Eda’s third friend And She is Coming from a rich Family, But She Never Talks About Money In This Whole Drama.

In This Drama She is an mysterious young woman, no one knows what she does with her days. Fifi always dresses in Black Color and She doesn’t believe in love. Figen is a resourceful young woman.

Neslihan Yeldan As Aydan Bolat:

Neslihan Yeldan As Aydan Bolat
Neslihan Yeldan As Aydan Bolat

In This Popular Turkish Drama Named As Sen Cal kapimi Neslihan Yeldan Has Been Played The Role of Aydan Bolat Who Is An Mother Of Serkan Bolat.

Aydan Bolat is an difficult woman who wants to see her son To marry a woman of the same social level as theirs And She Suffers from Agoraphobia And For Aydan, Selin would be the perfect wife for her son (Serkan bolat).

Alican Aytekin As Seyfi Çiçek:

Alican Aytekin has established As Seyfi Çiçek In Sen Cal kapimi.

Seyfi Çiçek Is Intelligent and endowed with a subtle sense of humour, Seyfi will develop a great affection for EDA.

Bige Önal As Selin Atakan:

Bige Önal As Selin Atakan
Bige onal As Selin Atakan

Bige Önal Played The Role Of Selin Atakan In This One Of the Most Popular Turkish Drama.

Selin Atakan Is An Serkan bolat’s childhood friend And Her father and Serkan bola's father are partners in the family business.

She Is Beautiful, intelligent and gifted in business. 

Evrim Dogan As Ayfer Yildiz:

In This Turkish Drama Evrim Dogan Acted As Ayfer Yildiz , Who Is An Aunt Of Eda Yildiz.

When Eda Yildiz's Parents Has Been Died she ran into Eda’s mother’s florist shop And She Always takes care of Eda.

Ahmet Somers As Alptekin Bolat:

I Think You Already Seen Him In Erkenci Kus (Day Dreamer) Turkish Drama And His Name Is Ahmet Somers Who Is Played The Role Of Serkan Bolat's Dad Character With The On-screen Name of Alptekin Bolat.

He Came from a middle class background, He founded his company and developed it And Serkan bolat's relationship with his father is tense and limited, they don’t talk much.

Anil Ilter As Engin Sezgin:

Anil Ilter Is Played The Role of Engin Sezgin In This Sen Cal kapimi Drama.

He is Serkan bolat’s closest friend And also an partner in the architect’s office. He's not like Serkan, Engin reacts with his emotions, which causes him problems in his relations with women.

Basak Gümülcinelioglu As Piril Baytekin:

Basak Gümülcinelioglu Already Acted In Erkenci Kus Also Known As Day Dreamer Turkish Drama.

Piril Baytekin Who works for Serkan as an interior designer. Like Serkan bolat she is obsessed with work and does not appreciate EDA’s entry into Serkan’s life, as she distracts him from work.

Cagri Citanak as Ferit Simsek:

If I'm Not Wrong You Already Seen Him In Tatli İntikam Which Is An One Of Best Turkish Drama.

Ferit Simsek is Selin’s fiancé and Coming from a rich family, he is the heir of a hotel chain that he manages.

Sen Cal Kapimi All Episodes English Episode Guide:

(Credit: Pinterest: @Ginger_Monette)

Episode 1:

Opens With Eda Yildiz (Hande Ercel) Introduction And Ends At Serkan speaking at a press conference, Eda walks up and kisses him.

Episode 2:

Opens with Eda kissing Serkan at the press conference And Ends At Eda to Serkan before engagement party: “I need help zipping up my dress.”  “Will you give me permission to touch you?

Episode 3:

Opens with Serkan zipping her dress And Ends At Eda gets phone call and faints in Serkan's arms.

Episode 4:

Opens with Serkan on the phone talking to a doctor about Eda asleep in the chair. Eda: “I'd rather smash my head on the floor than thank you.”

Ends At Eda and Serkan cook together; Eda 'falls' into the pool to keep Serkan from going to a meeting; Selin comes to dinner: "Is this an engagement contract?"

Episode 5:

Opens with Selim seeing the engagement contract. She only sees a piece of it, and her boyfriend Ferit sees it as something endearing.

Ends At Eda braces to face the press, and Serkan grabs her by the hand and whisks her off on a yacht.

Episode 6:

Opens with Eda about to face paparazzi, and Serkan whisks her up and they ride into the sunset on a yacht.

Ends At Eda convinces Serkan to play guitar for her. Afterwards, they embrace. A silent confirmation that he can trust his inner secrets with her.

Episode 7:

Opens with Serkan playing the guitar, then they embrace outside. His expression reveals how much he longs for emotional intimacy, yet is pained that he's vulnerable and that Eda threatens his armor. 

Ends At Kaan sends the photo of 'his' chandelier. Serkan to Eda. “You showed him our design! Get out!”

Episode 8:

Opens with Serkan to Eda: “You leaked the design to Kaan.... Go!” 

Ends At Eda hands Serkan the evidence that Kaan was the patent thief. Serkan: “I don't need the evidence. I believe you. ...It has nothing to do with you. It's me.”   Ah! It took so much courage for him to admit that. Great scene! 

Episode 9:

Opens With Eda presenting Serkan the evidence; his confession. She gives the ring back and walks out.

Ends At Selin and Ferit come in: “We've made a decision. We're getting married. In a week.”

Episode 10:

Opens with Eda in Serkan's office, him giving her the ring back. Their sweet moment is interrupted by Selin and Ferit's, “We're getting married next week.”

Enda At Selin to Serkan: “If there's any chance for us, I'll leave Ferit tomorrow. Eda overhears.

Episode 11:

Opens with Selin to Serkan: “I'll leave Ferit if there's a chance for us.” A moment later, Serkan takes Eda's hand and she kisses his cheek. 

Ends At Serkan pulls Eda's taxi over. “Don't go. I've fallen madly in love with you.” Big kiss 

Episode 12:

Opens with Serkan to Eda seaside: “Don't go. I've fallen madly in love with you. <kiss>  …. “Well, you didn't slap me.  How  do you feel about me?”    “You say what you want in a crisis and expect me to answer immediately. All in good time.”  Romantic, and a great line from Eda!

Ends At Ferit leaves Selin at wedding table: “I can't marry a woman who's in love with another man.”

Episode 13:

Opens with Ferit and Selin's wedding.

Ends At Alptekin to Serkan: “Years ago a support wall killed a couple.... They had a daughter....” Serkan realizes it's Eda and is devastated.

Episode 14:

Opens with Serkan pacing in his home office, distraught. Serkan to his parents: “Tell Sayfi to bring me all the document related to this. I want to see them for myself!”

Ends At Serkan to Eda break up: “Here, where everything began with a contract, I want to end it.”  “... And I'll go back to the beginning-- I hate you, Serkan Bolat.”

Episode 15:

Opens with Eda mourning. Serkan to Engin: “I didn't want her to be reminded of her parents every time she sees me.”

Ends At Serkan finds Eda unconscious in a hole.

Episode 16:

Opening: Eda to Serkan in infirmary after fall: “Sweetheart?” Serkan calls Engin: “She thinks we're together.”

Ending: Aydan to Serkan- Eda overhears: “Perhaps if Eda knew the reason for the breakup, it would not have been so.”

Episode 17:

Opening: Eda overhearing Aydan to Serkan: “Perhaps if Eda knew the reason for the breakup, it would not have been so.”

Ending: Client cancels big project. Eda in Serkan's office: “I don't believe you would make a mistake like that.” She cups his face with her hands.

Episode 18:

Opening: Eda in Serkan's office: “You wouldn't make a mistake like that. I'll help you prove it.”

Ending: Eda/Serkan standoff at the restaurant. “You just keep living with your ex-girlfriend Selin, and from now on you'll see a new Eda.”

Episode 19:

Opens with Efe confessing to Serkan: “I changed the printer setting.” 

Ending: Selin comes home: “Serkan, I know everything—what happened to Eda's parents.”

Episode 20:

Opening: Eda to Selin: “Tell me! Tell me everything!”

Ending: Because Selin tricked Eda, Eda went to wrong restaurant. Eda waits, no Serkan. Serkan waits, no Eda. 

Episode 21:

Opens with Serkan and Eda, each waiting for the other at different restaurants.

Ending: Serkan Catches Eda in elevator to 25th floor: “Close your eyes.... look at me... remember us...” Kiss. Great romantic scene!

Episode 22:

Opens with Serkan and Eda in elevator—she slaps him, he kisses her again. 

End: Eda 'knocks on Serkan's door' and finds Balca there

Episode 23:

Opens with Eda finding Balca at Serkan's house.

End: New partner arrives. Eda: “Grandmother?”

Episode 24:

Opens with the arrival of Eda's grandmother.

End: New Year's party. Serkan gives Eda a bracelet; Eda's grandmother has Serkan arrested.

Episode 25:

Opens with everyone at police station for Serkan.

End: Prince unveils pictures of him with woman who looks like Eda: “Esma, my love, we're finally reunited.”

Episode 26:

Opens with Seminha to Eda at g-ma's house: “Serkan is in the past... I want you to get to know Seymen better.”

End: Eda to Serkan on airplane: “Will you marry me?” 

Episode 27:

Opens with Eda proposing on airplane. Kiss. 

End Henna night. Everyone passes out; Eda kidnapped.  

Episode 28:

Opens with Serkan and the boys discovering all the women passed out and Eda gone. Serkan rescues Eda in a parking garage.  

End: In her wedding dress, Eda sees on TV: “The private plane of Serkan Bolat has not been heard from in two hours.” Eda has flashback to her last tender moments with Serkan, then faints. 

Episode 29:

2 Months later...

-Opening: Eda throwing ball for Sirius; Serkan walking through the woods, arriving 'home' to Selin. 

End: Eda kisses Serkan. Flustered Serkan to Selin: “Will you marry me?”

Episode 30:

Opens with Serkan proposing to Selin.

Eda to crowd: “Deniz surprised me today with a marriage proposal and I accepted.”

Episode 31:

Opens with Eda declaring that she's accepted proposal from Deniz.

End:  Deniz to Eda in front of everyone: “...our wedding invitation. April 20.” “No, MARCH 20.”

Episode 32:

Opens with Serkan asleep on his office sofa holding the wedding invitation; Eda wakes up with invitation thinking, “What have I done?!”

End: Deniz and Selin find Eda asleep leaning on Serkan. Selin fuming. 

Episode 33:

Opens with Selin and Deniz finding Eda asleep leaning on Serkan. Selin goes ballistic.

End: Serkan walks in the restaurant, and kisses Eda. 

Episode 34:

Opens with Serkan kissing Eda, she slaps him.

End: Eda drops her flower ring/necklace and falls off yacht into water.

Episode 35:

Opens with Eda falling from yacht into water. Serkan finds her necklace.  

-End: Just as Eda says “Yes” at the wedding table with Deniz, Serkan shows up. “I remember!”

Episode 36:

Opens with registrar saying, “This was a real wedding.”  Aydan to Deniz: “Our lawyers will fix this.”

End: Serkan gets down on 1 knee: “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” “I can't.”

Episode 37:

Opens with Serkan's proposal.  

Flashback: Eda confronts Selin: “Are you pregnant?” “Yes. Not telling Serkan. Raising child alone.”

End: Serkan follows Eda to airport. He sees Eda and blacks out.  

Episode 38:

Opens with Serkan blacking out in airport and Eda rushing to him.

End: The gang all ends up at the house of the murder suspect and they get caught-- at gunpoint.  

Whole 'let's solve a murder sequence was kind of boring.'

Episode 39:

Opens with Serkan reading a wish from the backpack: “Live in an RV.”

End: Eda steps out of the RV with medical papers in her hand: “Serkan, what's this?”

Episode 40:

Opens with Serkan on phone, and Eda on phone discussing directions to a location. 

End: The whole gang is at the cafe. Eda's daughter walks up: “Mom?” Serkan looks at Eda.

Where I can watch Sen Çal Kapımı with English subtitles?

So If You Want to Watch Sen Cal kapimi With Hindi Subtitles That Too Online For Free Then You're In Right Place, Here At This Website You Can Watch All Episodes Of Sen Cal kapimi With English Subtitles Online for Free Without Any Pop-up Ads.

How To Watch Sen Cal Kapimi Online For Free?

So If You Want to Watch Sen Cal kapimi Online For Free Then Here At This Website You Can Watch All The Full Episodes Of Sen Cal kapimi Season 1 And Season 2 For Free.

How To Watch Sen Cal kapimi In Hindi?

So Officially Sen Cal kapimi Is now Available In Hindi Language But We Are Uploading Sen Cal kapimi All Episodes With Hindi Subtitles Here At This Website And As Of Now 40 Parts Has Been Uploaded And You Can Watch All Of Those  Episodes By Clicking Here .

Is Sen Cal kapimi Available In Hindi Language?

So Technically Sen Cal kapimi Is Not Available in Hindi Language But Here At This Website You Can Watch Sen Cal kapimi With Hindi Subtitles Online for Free.

Is Sen Cal kapimi Available In Espanol/Spanish language?

 Yes, Sen Cal kapimi Is Available In Español Or Spanish Language And Sen Cal kapimi Espanol Name Is Love Is On The Air And You Can Watch All Of Those Episodes Just Searching On Google.

sen Cal kapimi cast salary per episode?

So As Of Now There Is No Information Is Available Related To Sen Cal kapimi Cast Salary Per Episode.

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