Azize Episode 4 with english subtitles


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Azize – Episode 4:

Azize Episode 4 with english subtitles
Azize Episode 4 with english subtitles


GenreAction, Crime, Drama, Mistery, Romance

ActorsBugra Gulsoy, Hande Ercel

DirectorVolkan Kocaturk

Duration120 minute


Year2019, 2020


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Azize Story:

Azize is a story of revenge and love… A girl whose family was disbanded and her life shattered by the Alpans, a powerful mafia family; Angel. Her current name is Azize... She is now a strong woman who has managed to stand on her feet in order to protect her sister, her only asset in life, and has left all her past behind and built a new life for herself. But those cruel hands that will touch your brother too. Alpanlar, who took his mother and father away from him years ago, will this time harm Azize's only being, Yiğit. Here is Azize who will swear on that day; He will hold accountable those who made him live. Now he has only one purpose in life, to avenge his family. While continuing his struggle for his purpose, he will encounter an obstacle he did not expect, but… Love… They say that whoever finds love forgets himself. One of the Alpans, Azize's worst enemy in life, Kartal, the smartest, bravest and bravest man of the family, will fall in love with Azize. As she sees that Kartal is not like her family, Azize will also fall in love with this love... Azize will start to struggle with herself on the way to her revenge. Will he keep his promise to his brother or will he surrender to his love… Who will win in the end… Love? Or Revenge?

Azize Cast:

  • Buğra Gülsoy (Kartal) 
  • Hande Erçel (Azize) 
  • Mustafa Yıldıran (Balkan) 
  • Mustafa Avkıran (Barbaros) 
  • Duygu Sarışın (Asya) 
  • Selen Öztürk (Tuna) 
  • Tugay Mercan (Okan) 
  • Başak Daşman (Yıldız) 
  • Çetin Sarıkartal (İskender) 
  • Orhan Kılıç (Adnan) 
  • Cenk Kangöz (Osman) 
  • Serkan Altıntaş (Yaman) 
  • Asuman Çakır (Aynur) 
  • Ufuk Şen (Hasan) 
  • Ceylan Batı (Ceyda) 
  • Zeynep Kızıltan (Gül)  
  • Efekan Can (Kuzey) 
  • Galip Erdal(Cevat) 
  • Taha Baran Özbek (Yiğit)

Azize Crew:

Production: Process Film

Producer: İnci Gündoğdu, İsmail Gündoğdu

Director: Volkan Kocaturk

Story: Emre Ozdur, Basar Basaran

Screenplay: Emre Özdür, Başar Başaran, Meryem Gültabak

Cinematographer: Metin Turguc

Art Director: Saadet Parlak

Music: Tuna Maid

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