Ada Masali – Episode 1


Ada Masali – Episode 1 with english subtitles, enjoy watching

Ada Masali Episode 1 with english subtitles Facebook

Ada Masali – Episode 1 With English Subtitles:

Ada Masali Episode 1 with english subtitles
Ada Masali Episode 1 with english subtitles

Ada Masali – The story of an island, its people, and the beautiful romantic relationships they have… And Here At This Website You Can Watch All the Episodes Of Ada Masali With English Subtitles Online for Free.

This is, Ada Masali (Island Tale), Bir Ada Masali.

Serial: Ada Masali

Title in English: ISLAND TALE

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Actors: Alp Navruz, Ayca Aysin Turan, Ipek Tenolcay

Director: Ali Bilgin

Duration: 123 minute

Quality: HD

Year: 2021


ada masalı | island tale episode 1 (english subtitles):

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Ada Masali Story:

Haziran goes to meet her boss Doygun for the position in Tokyo that she has dreamed of for a long time. However, in order to get the promotion of his dreams, he will have to help his boss with one thing: He must find a weakness of the grumpy man who resists to go to Swallow Island and not sell his land, blocking the development of Ada. When June goes to the mentioned land, she meets Poyraz. Poyraz tries to throw him out of the factory with the tourist group. They are annoyed with each other from the very first moment. Meanwhile, June gets the information the boss needs. While he is impatient to return to his beloved Istanbul, he meets his aunt whom he has not seen for years. When they miss the ferry, they have to stay on the island. Finding herself dancing with Poyraz in a dance competition without realizing what happened, June soon learns that she has been misled by her boss. Moreover, he realizes that the person he hurt unintentionally is Poyraz. Determined to fix the damage she caused, June goes to Poyraz with an offer.

Ada Masali Full Cast And Crew:

  • Haziran: Ayça Ayşin Turan
  • Poyraz: Alp Navruz
  • Biricik: Özge Demirtel
  • Alper: Rami Narin
  • Görkem: Bülent Çolak
  • Selma: Nihan Büyükağaç
  • Nehir: Eylül Ersöz
  • Hakan: Anıl Cem Kenar
  • İdil: Beril Pozam
  • Aliye: Bedia Ener
  • Zeynep: İpek Tenolcay
  • Doygun: Mesut Özkeçeci
  • Melisa: Merve Nur Bengi
  • Sadık: Fatih Yücebağ
  • Duygu: Bensu Begoviç
  • Mert: Eren Devrim
  • Burak: Mustafa Aran
  • Production: Moon Production
  • Producer: Kerem Çatay
  • Director: Ali Bilgin
  • Screenwriter: Yelda Eroğlu - Yeşim Çıtak
  • Executive Producer: Ali Demir
  • 2. Director: Beste Sultan Kasapoğlu
  • Cinematographer: Ozkan Bal
  • Art Director: İsmail Durmaz
  • Light Chief: Mehmet Parlak
  • Styling: Honeycomb Beekeeper - Oğuz Tabur

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