kgf full form - What is the full form of KGF?


So The full form of KGF is Kolar Gold Fields. The place is the central plot of the Kannada-language blockbuster film K.G.F: Chapter 1. This Is An gold mining area located at the Bangarpet taluk in Kolar District of Karnataka, India.

So KGF Full Form Is 

K - Kolar

G - Gold

F - Fields

The full form of KGF is Kolar Gold Fields.

KGF - kilogram-force

kgf movie full form:

KGF movie full form is  Kolar Gold Fields.

KGF - Kelowna Gospel Fellowship

KGF - Keratinocyte Growth Factor

KGF - Kids Gourmet Food

KGF - Kilogram Feet

kgf ka full form:

KGF - Kingfisher

KGF - Known Good Fiber

kgf full form in hindi:

KGF -  Kredi Garanti Fonu

KGF - KriegsGeFangene

KGF - Krishi Gobeshona Foundation

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