IPS Full Form - What Is The Full Form Of IPS?


So The Full Form Of IPS Is Indian Police Service

What Is The Full Form Of IPS?
What Is The Full Form Of IPS?

I - Indian

P - Police

S - Service

The Indian Police Service (IPS Full Form) is a civil service under the All India Services. It replaced the Indian Imperial Police In The Year of 1948, a year after India became independent from the British Raj.

ips ki full form:

IPS full form in hindi Is bhaarateey pulis seva (भारतीय पुलिस सेवा).

ips full Form in police:

IPS full form in police is Indian Police Service.

IPS full form in computer:

IPS full form in computer Is Instructions Per Second Or Intrusion Prevention System.

IPS Also Had Some More Full Forms Such As 

  1. In-plane switching
  2. International Patching Standard
  3. Inventory of Programs and Services 
  4. Interpreter for Process Structures
  5. Investor Policy Statement
  6. Invoice and Progress Schedule
  7. Internet Payment System
  8. Interactive Purchasing System

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