Sen Çal Kapimi season 2 (You Knock on My Door season 2) Story, Full Cast & Crew


Sen Cal Kapimi Season 2 Details:

Sen Cal kapimi Season 2
Sen Cal kapimi Season 2

Original Title: Sen Cal Kapimi Season 2

English Title: You Knock on My Door Season 2

Also Known As: sen cal kapimi temporada 2

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Family

Broadcast Network: Fox Tv

Broadcast Period: 8 July 2020 –

Production Company: MF Yapim

Director: Altan Donmez

Screen Writer: Ayse Uner Kutlu

Filming Locations: Istanbul And Mainly Turkey.

Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Story:

Eda (Hande Ercel) is an young, Energetic and beautiful college student. when she was a little girl her parents passed away , with the guidance of her aunt she manages to survive all the hardship in her life .

Eda studies landscape architecture at a private university with full scholarship.she is dismissed from the university at her last year When her scholarship is cut without any notification,  Even though she is accepted for a graduate study in one of the universities in Italy, Eda’s dreams of getting a university degree and pursuing a graduate study in Italy all fly away.

then, Eda started working as part-time at her aunt’s flower shop. Eda lives together with her close friend Melek (Elcin Afacan) in a cozy house and tries to continue her life all over again.

Eda wants to enter in a nationwide university exam and this time, She wants to study at a public university so that she would not need to deal with any scholarship issues. but, she still cannot forget the injustice in her life and cannot forget the man who is responsible for cutting her And many others scholarships.

Serkan Bolat (Kerem Bursin), who is an very young And charismatic, successful businessman, is in charge of scholarships given to the university where Eda (Hande Erçel) studies. his financial manager cuts the student scholarships by himself, When Serkan Bolat orders to cut unnecessary expenses in the company . This situation may not be such a big deal for his company however it is an issue that would dramatically change a young person’s life.

Eda and Serkan Bolat’s lives meeting out of pure coincidence. while Serkan Bolat is invited for a graduation ceremony at the university to give a speech, Eda meets him and argues With Serkan bolat that her life has been turned upside down just because his company has not kept its promises for student scholarships.

Serkan Bolat, he always hates for making any small mistake, cannot believe that he's responsible for making this kind of decision. When he questions this situation, he learns that his financial manager makes this decision with his own initiative.

Serkan bolat and eda Both dislike each other and hope that they would not meet again. However, they come across to each other again and again In Many different occasions.

When Serkan Bolat going to Gokceada to attend his ex-girlfriend’s engagement ceremony via private aircraft. In that aircraft, he bumps into Eda, Who is  working as a part-time hostess on behalf of her housemate Melek and These two young people do not have anything to do but to travel together.

When Eda and Serkan arrives at the engagement ceremony, Serkan finds himself in a difficult position. Serkan believes that his ex-girlfriend and at the same time, his business partner Selin (Bige Onal) is getting engaged to Ferit just because she is tired of waiting for Serkan’s intention for marriage.

Serkan bolat knows that Selin is still in love with him and thus, he wants to reverse her decision.

Sequences of events causes Serkan and Eda to enter into a contract, so that they would act as if they Are in dating. Serkan bolat wants to make Selin cancel her engagement while Eda wants to make her crush jealous.

You Knock on My Door season 2 (Sen Cal Kapimi) tv series story is about two young persons, Serkan and Eda, who enter into a contract so that they would act as if they are in dating. Will the press believe in the surprise love between Serkan and Eda? Will Eda get along with Serkan? Will Serkan manage to break his ex-girfriend’s engagement? Will Eda continue her education and eventually get university degree?

In sen cal kapimi 2 sezon  Eda And Serkan bolat Act Like They Don't Like Each Other In Real Life But They Both Love Each other In Their Heart And Eda Told That That Her Heart Will Never Open For Serkan And Serkan Told That I'll Never Open Your Doors.

While This Conversation Is Going a child Comes And Asks Eda To "Is This My Father" (Serkan Surprised And Shocked) And Eda Runs With That Child And Serkan Follows Her And He Gets That Children's Boot.

From Here Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Story Starts who is The Father Of That Child? And Many Other Questions Has Been Rises And For Answers You Must Need to Watch You Knock on My Door Season 2.

Here At This Website You Can Watch All Episodes of Sen Cal Kapimi Season 2 With English Subtitles Online for Free.

You Knock on My Door season 2 (Sen Cal Kapimi Season 2) Tv Series Cast:

  1. Kerem Bursin as Serkan Bolat
  2. Hande Ercel as Eda Yildiz
  3. Bige Onal as Selin Atakan
  4. Neslihan Yeldan as Aydan Bolat
  5. Melisa Dongel as Ceren Basar
  6. Elcin Afacan as Melek Yucel
  7. Sitare Akbas as Figen Yildirim
  8. Evrim Dogan as Ayfer Yildi
  9. Anil Ilter as Engin Sezgin
  10. Cagri Citanak as Ferit Simsek
  11. Alican Aytekin as Seyfi Cicek
  12. Sarp Bozkurt as Erdem Sangay
  13. Ismail Ege Sasmaz as Kaan Karadag
  14. Basak Gumulcinelioglu as Piril Baytekin
  15. Ahmet Mark Somers as Alptekin Bolat
  16. Ilkyaz Arslan as Leyla Haktan
  17. maya başol As Eda And Serkan bolat's Daughter

Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Release date:

So The Official Release Date Of Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Is Wednesday June 9 2021.

You Knock on My Door (Sen Cal Kapimi) Tv Series Trailer (with English Subtitle):


1. Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Meaning in english?

You Knock on My Door season 2

2. Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Meaning in Hindi?

तुम मेरे दरवाजे पर दस्तक सीज़न 2.

3. Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Release date?

Sen Cal kapimi Season 2 Release date Is 9th June 2021.

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