Why WWE 2K22 Is Important For WWE


So In The Year Of 2019 WWE Released WWE 2k20 Which Is A Huge Disaster for WWE And Also For WWE 2k Team.

Why WWE 2K22 Is Important For WWE

Almost Every Player Who Played WWE 2k20 Has Been Roasted WWE 2k20 Because This Game Had Many Bugs And Glitches And Also Have Some Problems.

After WWE 2k20, WWE Released Another New Game Named As WWE 2k 2k Battlegrounds and This Game Also Not Reached To Fans Expectetions.

WWE 2k Battlegrounds Is Not Liked By Any WWE fans and WWE Streamers and I This Reason For This Is Gameplay And Graphics Of this game is not That Great.

So Recently On April 10 Which Is An First Day Of WWE WrestleMania 2021 WWE And WWE 2k Team Has Been Released an teaser of WWE 2k22.

After Seeing The Teaser Of WWE 2k22 WWE Fans And Streamers Has Started Expecting That WWE 2k22 Is Going to be Better Than WWE 2k20 Which Is reasonable.

Over a week ago WWE announced WWE 2k22 for both PlayStation and Xbox Consoles and I'll say this, as a guy who loves Pro wrestling games I am really worried about 2k22 And I have a few good reasons why, the first reason is because of the last two games, after the natural disaster that was 2k20 I feel like Visual Concepts don't have a clue on how to develop a wrestling game unlike Yuke's who developed a lot of WWE games until 2K19 which was their last WWE game and leaves 2K for the AEW game which is another reason why I'm worried about 2k22, my third and final reason even though it was only a small teaser on what the game will be like, the graphics still look like it's from a PlayStation 2 game and Cesaro model looks like he doesn't have any eyes. Hopefully by October or whenever 2K decides to release 2k22 there are issues filled out and the game will be a major step up from the last two games.

Why WWE 2K22 Is Important For WWE?

So The Reason Why WWE 2k22 Is More Important For WWE and WWE Streamers is because of Only Few Streamers Has Been Streaming And Playing And Uploading Videos Of WWE Games.

If Those Streamers Has Been Stopped Playing WWE Games it Means The End Of WWE Games is About to Start and If They Stop Playing WWE Games Then Player's of WWE Games is discrease day by Day And other wrestling games will Get Population Such As wr3d Revolution Etc....

It's obviously that WWE Don't Let This Happen And To Do That WWE Need To To These Changes in WWE 2k22

1. Graphics:

If We Compared To WWE 2k20 To Old WWE Games Such As WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 And WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2010 graphics Has Been improved a lot and WWE 2k22 To May Going To have More HD Graphics.

2. Gameplay:

As Per My Experience WWE 2k22 Had Shortest Career Mode And boring gameplay and poor commentary and WWE 2k22 Need To Focus On These Things.

3. Road To WrestleMania And Career Mode:

According To Me One Of The Best reason Why WWE Games are Popular it's Just Because Those Games Have Best Road To WrestleMania Stories and if You See Old Popular WWE Games Had Best Road to WrestleMania Stories And WWE 2k22 Must Need To Have Best RTWM And Career Mode.

4. New Match Types:

New WWE 2k Games Not Have Some Best Match Types Such As Casket Match And Lumber Jack Match And Triple Threat Tag Team Match And Etc.. and WWE 2k22 need to have almost All types of WWE Match Types.

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