teşkilat Episode 3 Trailer With English Subtitles


teşkilat 3. bölüm fragman:

Teşkilat’ 3. bölümde neler olacak?

Teskilat – Episode 3 Trailer 👇👇

Although Serdar still has difficulty believing, he questions the love game he is drawn into. On the other hand, he wants to take back the external disk containing the SİHA protocols, which were seized by the killing of the country's pupil engineers, as soon as possible. Even though they cannot fully agree, he sets a deadly trap by getting help from Zehra.

Although it irritates Zehra and those in the center first, the trap works and the war between Ceren and Serdar is getting hot!



Those who died before they die, on the one hand, try to cope by not being able to reach out to them by following their families' experiences in the face of their loss from a distance. But, on the other hand, in this game, in which they risk everything with their love of their homeland, they are now chasing after those who order an attack on the SİHA factory.


With a game installed, the door is opened to reach the "Company" that orders Pascal to attack. This door takes our heroes to a bargaining table with enemies from many countries, first in Berlin and then in Berlin.

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