Kangana Ranaut Trolls Eros Now, Calls It 'P*rn Hub' For Sharing Controversial Posts On Navratri


Kangana Ranaut shamed Eros Now via her latest tweets and compared the digital platform to 'P*rn Hub' owing to some of its social media posts on Navratri. Eros Now shared a still of Katrina Kaif from De Dana Dan with a text that reads, "Do you want to put the 'ratri' in my Navratri?" Similar posts featuring Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh were also put up by the social media team of Eros Now, and netizens were quick to call them out. Netizens not only found the posts distasteful, but also urged others to boycott the movie-streaming platform.

Kangana Ranaut humiliates Eros Now, Calls It 'P*rn Hub' For Sharing Controversial Posts On Navratri

Kangana also felt the same and tweeted, "We must preserve cinema as a community viewing theater experience,its more difficult to enthrall large section of audience than sexualise content for personal viewing, digitisation of art faces this major crisis, all streaming platforms are nothing but a porn hub. SHAME @ErosNow."

She further tweeted, "Even on international streaming platforms the nature of the content is sensational we need to manufacture overtly sexual, deeply gruesome brutal, violent content, essentially to arouse the viewer's sexual appetite, very difficult to get any other content cleared by their teams."

She further wrote, "And it's not streaming platforms fault when you wear headphones and watch content in your personal space all you need is instant gratification, it's important to watch the movies with entire family, children, neighbors basically it must be a community experience."

She concluded by saying that community viewing enhances our awareness when we know someone is watching what we are watching, and what we want to be. After receiving backlash from netizens as well as Kangana, Eros Now removed the controversial posts on Navratri, and apologised for the same.

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