Billie Eilish Real Life Story


Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connel, better known

as Billie Eilish is a singer and songwriter from the US. She was born in December 18th 2001

in Los Angeles, US

Her parents, Patrick O'Connel and Maggie Baird

are linked to the world of acting, and have always been

very interested in music. She has an older brother

Finneas with whom she has a very close

relationship, she considers him

her best friend, they were both homeschooled

since their parents thought they could develop more of their

artistic skills this way. With this

Billie started to become insterested in different disciplines

she took dancing and horse riding classes and she joined

the Los Angeles childrens choir when she was eight


her brother also started to experiment with music

writing and producing his first songs until,

in 2015 he wrote the single, Ocean Eyes

for his band The Slightys

but he didn't really like his voice for the song

he asked Billie to sing it and record it

and he was surprised by his sisters talent

who by then was only 14 years old

happy with the result, they decided to upload the song to soundcould just for fun

but they didn't imagine that it would become so popular in so little time

it only took 24 hours for it

to have thousands of reproductions

and the record label didn't take long to offer a contract

when they saw the potential of this young artist

she signed for the label Darkroom

the subsidiary of interscope

and by mid - 2016

she started to release music professionally

she released the single, Six Feet Under

and re-edited and re-released Ocean Eyes

with a promotional video, it gave very good credits

with the in the public, Billie released

her first EPE in august 2017

with the title " Dont Smile At Me "

" Bellyache" " Watch " or " idontwannabeyouanymore "

or as some of her promotional singles

making her more and more successful

it was certified a school by the record industry association of America

after selling more of half a million copies

in march that same year

she published a new song, Bored

which was part of the soundtrack of the Netflix series, 13 reasons why

her music style has been praised for combining


melodic and slow parts with more discordant ones

with a dark look

among her influences, Billie always mentions

the Beatles, Green Day or the singer Avril

Lavigne. Though she admits Hip Hop music

has also influenced her style. Both in music and

in her physical appearance

In fact, she's very interested in fashion and she plans on releasing her own clothesline

bright colors, loose pants and hair with different colors

are part of her personal style. In February 2018

she started

the Where's My Mind Tour which finished two months

later. During summer that same year, she collaborated with

U.S. singer Khalid in the song

Lovely which also became part of the soundtrack of 13 Reasons

Why. That year, she became the youngest

artist in history to be included

in the BBC prestigious list Sound Of

which tries to find the most promising young artists

Billie Eilish is now

preparing the tour presentation of her first studio album

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

which will be published this coming March 29

We have already heard some previews like You Should See

Me In A Crown or When The Party's Over.

Only 17 years old and she has achieved

a lot already. Without a doubt, she

will make it to the top of the hit-list

all around the world

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